Waste Saver GOLD Standard

The Waste Saver GOLD Standard supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is awarded to organisations that Measure, Manage and Minimise their waste output, year on year.

Achieving the Waste Saver GOLD Standard helps organisations adopt a more sustainable, circular economy approach towards waste management and resources, improving operational efficiency, reducing coses, and the preservation of earth's precious resources.

To achieve the Waste Saver GOLD Standard, organizations must meticulously Measure, Manage and Minimise their solid and hazardous waste. Compliance with the standard requires a consistent reduction in waste streams each year, coupled with enhanced disposal methods, such as increased reuse, recycling, or energy recovery.

Additionally, the Waste Saver GOLD Standard incorporates a Qualitative Assessment to demonstrate proactive waste prevention and responsible waste management. This encompasses the value chain, ie. aspects beyond an organization's direct influence, such as implementing sustainable procurement policies for goods and waste management services, as well as assessing downstream impacts related to their products and services.