How to Achieve the Waste Saver GOLD Standard

The crucial aspect is prioritizing waste prevention, reuse, and/or recycling over landfill disposal, leading to reduced emissions and resource consumption—a fundamental characteristic of the 'circular economy.'

For organisations to achieve the Waste Saver GOLD Standard they must be able to demonstrate ‘year-on-year improvements’ in the following areas:

Reduction in Absolute Waste

Demonstrating a reduction in total waste in an absolute sense, being able to compare the waste from one year to the next.


Reduction in Waste Intensity

Showing a reduction in waste tied in to an appropriate metric, for example tonnes of waste / £m turnover.


Overall Movements in Hierarchy

There needs to be a positive movement along the Waste Hierarchy towards Zero Waste, eg. demonstrating a reduction the amount of waste being sent to landfill, improved recycling, etc.


Effective Waste Management

Achieve a minimum score of 60% against 10 qualitative criteria, eg. Policies, Reduction Programmes, Monitoring, etc.