Waste Saver Hierarchy

Waste Saver Hierarchy

A - Prevent

Refuse what we don't need and change the way we produce and consume by redesigning business models / service delivery methods

B - Reduce

Redesign goods and packaging in order to reduce resource use and waste

C - Re-use

Re-use the materials without further processing, avoiding the costs of energy and other resources required for recycling

D - Recycling

High quality material recovery from separately collected waste streams

E - Energy Recovery

Only where further recycling is not feasible, it may be possible to recover the energy from the material and feed that back into the economy

F - Incineration

Incineration without energy recovery is unsustainable. Legacy incinerators should be upgraded to include energy recovery eg. clinical waste etc.

G - Landfill

The least sustainable option and the last resort is landfill. In the UK, landfill is highly taxed at £103.70 per tonne of waste